• Web, Txt, Email Module

    Rosterit has SMS and email module capabilities embedded within the system allowing fast real time communications with staff via … Read more>

    Web, Txt, Email Module
  • Rostering Module

    Rosterit allows you to take full advantage of existing templates created by the Rosterit development team. These can include such … Read more>

    Rostering Module
  • Timesheet Module

    The rostering and timesheet modules work in tandem to provide the benefits of automation and reduce paperwork. Employee clock in … Read more>

    Timesheet Module
  • Timesheet Verification

    There are various forms of time verification.  Our latest technology is measuring timesheet data using the GPS functionality in … Read more>

    Timesheet Verification
  • Testimonials

    Rosterit - I wouldn’t be without it! I have dealt with Rostering Systems Ltd since April 2012, during which time they … Read more>


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I have dealt with Rostering Systems Ltd since April 2012, during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the area of online rosters and communications with my team. Their work has been a major factor in the on-going success of my business. I can confidently recommend Roster it as a solid and reliable online and text based rostering system and experts in their field. Akanksha Singh – Manager/Franchisee.
Pita Pit Botany JunctionAkanksha Singh - Manager/Franchisee.Pita PitAuckland (Botany)


We have five years of software research and development and our customers feedback makes Rosterit better every year. Rosterit Online Roster Software and Timesheet solution that works to save your business time and money.