Smart Technology

Accessible via any mobile device or web browser, Rosterit uses GPS and wireless technology to help you manage your workplace remotely from around the globe.

Timely & Efficient

Our simple, streamlined and user-friendly design saves you time and money, freeing you up to focus on developing other aspects of your business.

Complete Solution

Designed to suite any business need, Rosterit is the one stop shop for all of your workplace scheduling demands, from employee rostering to timesheets, payroll management, and more.

Trusted and Secure

New Zealand owned and operated with a highly qualified and readily available team of specialists, you can rest assured you are getting the highest standard of quality and support.

Make light work of your rostering

RosterIt is a simple, cloud-based employee scheduling system developed to make rostering and payroll administration easier for both managers and staff alike.

Employee scheduling made easy

Rosterit comes equipped with a full host of features and templates to make employee scheduling more convenient with less hassle.


Smart attendance and remote GPS time clocks allow employees to clock in remotely via their mobile device. Through this online rostering system, employees have the ability to swap shifts, request time off, and view their schedule from any device around the world.


Online rostering via email, web, or texting allows managers to integrate scheduling and staff communication more effectively.

With its customized features, managers can specify required staff, shift hours and start dates as well as having the ability to create multiple rosters and assign staff skills and qualifications.

Easy timesheets and payroll integration save time and money, allowing managers to focus on enhancing other aspects of their business.

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Designed for companies large and small

Rosterit’s modules can be tailored to be used individually or as an all-in-one solution for employee scheduling, allowing it to fit easily into any business structure.

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